Many companies crash

They can’t build the plane fast enough and the landscape is changing so fast.

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Value/feasibility studies

What problems does your target have that you can solve? Can you build a solution before you run out of resources?

Marketing plan & implementation

Content, convenience, competition, CRM, etc… Marketing is key for success. Do you have what it takes?

Strategic planning

What are your SMART goals and objectives? Do you know what initiatives will get you there?

Branding and positioning

So much more than a logo, a color, and a font. Why would someone want to recommend your company?

Skunkworks project development

Just because people say it is a crazy idea, that doesn’t mean it can’t generate value… Want to see if your idea can fly?

Marketing automation

So many tools available. How do you efficiently support growth of your customer’s journey and touchpoints?

20+ years helping leaders and CEOs

Meet Patrick

Science, Marketing, Technology

Do you aim high? Are you full of ideas but don’t always have the time or dedicated resources to lead something that could be commercially of interest?

Working with a traditional consultant who writes a report and tells you what you have to do just adds to your already long to-do list. And those online courses…? Extra schooling is great, but someone still has to do the work.

You need hands-on help.

You need someone who can see the big picture, plan and execute. Someone who can deal with ambiguity. Someone who isn’t afraid to take timely yet informed decisions. Someone who has experience. And most importantly, someone you can trust.

I’ve worked with over 20 CEOs and tech leaders around the globe in healthcare and biotech. Fast moving, often disruptive, environments where everyone executes by the seat of their pants. I help leaders achieve their goals in marketing, automation, strategy, branding, and international business development.

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My inspiration

Young enough to know the value of technology, old enough to know the value of money, experienced enough to make a difference.”


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